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Windsor Wild Winter Classic 

January 5th-7th, 2024 

Tournament Rules and Regulations 

Sanction # 2324040

1. Hockey Canada and O.W.H.A. rules shall apply except where listed below. BNQ neck guards are  required for all players; teams from the U.S.A. are exempted from the neck guard rule, however must follow all equipment rules of their affiliated body. 

2. Teams in the House League Divisions will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games. Teams in the Rep Divisions will be guaranteed a minimum of 4 games. 

3. Teams must be registered with their official governing body. USA teams must present their official roster at registration. OWHA teams should have their teams roster through RAMP. Please forward to the tournament convenor any additional documentation such as Pickup consent forms and Change of  Participant Forms. All teams outside Canada must have a travel permit, certified roster, and medical  insurance. 

4. Ontario players must be a currently registered member of your OWHA team, and only rostered to one team in the tournament. Please refer to the OWHA Handbook for rules governing pick-ups. In House League divisions only, we will accept a lateral movement for skaters and goaltenders, however all other pick-up rules apply. Under no circumstances can you pick up a player to replace a player under suspension. If in doubt, please check with tournament organizers. Pick up players must be identified within RAMP as P/U. 

5. A team representative must check in at the Tournament Registration Office located at WFCU Center Arena at least one hour prior to the team’s first game. Teams must be available to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled games (no earlier). The RAMP app should be completed by every team a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled games.

6. There will be a maximum of 17 skaters plus 2 goaltenders allowed per team*, as well as 5 bench staff.  *U9 teams will consist of up to 16 skaters and 2 goaltenders.  

7. There will be a timed 3-minute warm-up beginning when ice surface is ready. Teams are to pick up  warm-up pucks 30 seconds before their game start time. Games will start promptly at the designated  game time. Teams will have a 30 second break between periods. Period times are 10-10-12 all ages, all divisions. No floods between periods.

I. For the U9 House league division, the following game format and rule changes apply for  the entirety of the event, as in accordance with the Hockey Canada Novice Program: 

a. The U9 division will run as a Jamboree, where emphasis is put on fun and not an ultimate tournament winner;  

b. All teams will play the same number of games throughout the weekend;  

c. All games for the Jamboree will be played as Half-Ice games; 

d. 4 vs. 4 format; 

e. 2 periods of 20 minutes each, with clock on run time; 

f. One minute in duration per shift with an automatic buzzer or whistle sounding for  player change 

*For further information on the U9 Program Game format, please refer to the Hockey Canada U9  Program Resource Guide 

8. In all divisions during the third period, running time will commence when there is a differential of 5 goals. Stop time will resume when the goal margin is reduced to 3. The clock may be stopped at the referee’s discretion for injury or for intentional delay of the game. 

9. Intent to injure and fighting penalties will result in the player being expelled from the game and the remainder of the tournament. 

10. Round robin play will determine group placing. Two points will be awarded for a win, one for a tie, and one additional point for a shutout win. No shutout point will be awarded with a tie. No overtime during round robin games. Check your division schedules to determine how the teams will advance in each division. Please read playoff wording carefully. In divisions that have 3 pools, the two teams that win their pool that have the most points get a bye to the semifinals whereas the remaining team that won their pool must play in the quarter-finals but won’t play a 2nd place team from their own pool. 

11. No time-outs permitted in round robin play. One 30 second time-out per game is permitted in the playoff and Final rounds.  

12. In the event of a tie in group placing after completion of the round robin series, the following tiebreakers will be used. 

(A) Record against other tied teams 

(B) Number of wins 

(C) Fewest goals allowed in round robin play 

(D) Goals scored minus goals against in round robin play 

(E) Most periods won in round robin play 

(F) Fewest penalty minutes in round robin play 

(G) First goal scored in tournament 

(H) Most shutouts in the tournament 

(I) Flip of a coin 

** In the case of a tie between more than 2 teams, ties will be broken for first place first. After a team is awarded first place then the other original tied teams will go through the tie breaking criteria again starting from (a) to determine 2nd place and 3rd place if needed. 

** note fewest goals against is a higher tie breaker than goals scored to discourage teams running up the score against weaker teams.

13. If a game is tied after regulation time has expired in playoff rounds: 

• One 5-minute period sudden victory – 3 on 3 play (goalies will not switch ends). If a penalty is  called in overtime the teams will play 4 on 3. If penalties expire during play, then teams will play 4 on 4 until a stoppage of play. Teams will then go back to 3 on 3 play. 

• If still tied: shootout. 

i. Each team must select three shooters prior to the shootout at the end of regulation time and  report them to the referee. 

ii. The shootout format will be simultaneous. Shooters will go at the same time. 

iii. If still tied after the first three shooters – sudden victory shootout  

iv. The teams must use all players in their roster before repeating shooters UNLESS the other  team has a shorter roster, in this case they may reuse a shooter at the same point as the other team is given this allowance. This system will be repeated until a winner is decided. 

v. Ice surface will not be flooded. 

vi. Goaltenders will not switch ends in the event of a shootout 

14. The winning team and finalist in each division will receive awards. 

15. The home team will wear white sweaters (Exception: Teams with only one set of sweaters.) In case of conflict, the home team changes. 

16. The decisions of the SPFHA Tournament Officials are final. 

17. Disputes should be forwarded to the Tournament committee. The committees’ decision will be final. 

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